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Leverage the power of Staff Augmentation and Team Extension to supercharge your team with specialized expertise, on-demand staffing solutions, and achieve the flexibility to scale your workforce up or down as needed, without having to hire or train new employees.

With a deep understanding of Agile methodologies and hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies, our teams are well-equipped to handle any challenge.

We take pride in our unmatched expertise in the most popular cloud services from AWS, including almost all the Media Services available. Our team is highly skilled at leveraging the power of various cloud-based AI Engines from AWS, GCP, Azure, IBM, and other leading cloud providers to develop innovative solutions that are unmatched in the industry. Our serverless architecture, powered by Lambda, Step Functions, Fargate, SNS, SQS, DynamoDB, Amazon EventBridge, and Amazon OpenSearch, is designed to handle millions of requests per second while ensuring scalability. We’re adept at optimizing cloud storage, making it the most economical option, even with petabytes of data. Our front-end developers specialize in ReactJS and VueJS, delivering superior solutions that are tailored to our client’s needs. Additionally, we offer Docker and Kubernetes-based microservices to boost solution efficiency. We’re also experts in GCP and Azure cloud services, enabling us to provide our clients with a comprehensive suite of cloud solutions.

At Craftsmen, we offer an array of comprehensive services to help you meet your business needs and achieve your objectives. Our expertise includes:

  • Cloud-Based Solutions
  • Bespoke Software Solutions
  • DevOps and Infrastructure Management
  • Testing and Assurance Solutions

Whether you’re seeking a group of software maestros, we have the expertise and resources to assemble a team that is tailored to your needs. Our squad of tech-savvy superheroes understands the importance of timely and budget-conscious delivery, and we go above and beyond to achieve success together.

Ready to level up your team? Let’s talk Staff Augmentation!

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Let Us Show You How We Augment Your Team!

Your Partner in Team Extension

Our first step is to establish a partnership with you. We take time to understand your business, your goals, and the unique challenges you face. This helps us to develop a customized approach that meets your specific needs.

Building a Strategy for Success

Once we understand your requirements, we create a roadmap that outlines the key milestones and deliverables, the timelines, and the resources required. We work with you to establish clear communication channels and reporting mechanisms that ensure transparency and accountability.

We integrate our team with yours to work together as one

For this step, we successfully run a staff augmentation to do a seamless integration of our team with yours. Our highly skilled professionals are experienced in working with diverse teams and we leverage our expertise to integrate seamlessly into your organization. We collaborate with your team to ensure that we are aligned on the objectives and that we are working towards a common goal.

Smooth transition and minimize any disruptions

Our final step is to ensure a smooth transition from the beginning and minimize any disruptions. We work with you to ensure that our team is fully integrated and devise a plan to fade out the augmented workforce and redeploy your in-house team. We provide training and support to ensure that your team is equipped to work with the new resources.

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Supercharge Your Team

We supercharge your team with our highly skilled professionals and their unique perspectives.

Expands Your Reach

Scale your business strategically with our expertise, boosting profitability without hiring in-house staff.

Bridge the Gap

Act as a bridge between business & industry’s top talent, saving time and money on recruitment.

Boost Your Product Development

We accelerate your product development cycle and launch new products faster & more efficiently.

Completely Flexible

Technical professionals tailored to your needs, giving the necessary support to help your business thrive.

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