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Lambda Tag

AWS Lambda! but on steroids

Do you ever feel like AWS LAMBDA is great but they are just not enough for what you need to do? Maybe you need more horsepower, perhaps a core or two and maybe the TASK you want to do might not be done within 15 minutes? I know what you’re thinking; duh! We have Ec2 for larger tasks and yes but do you not feel that it gets a little tricky maintaining Ec2 sometimes cause...

Customizing Cognito verification emails with HTML using AWS Lambda

This has become very common to use AWS Cognito as an authentication system in modern days. Using Cognito, when a user signs up or gets an invitation from another user, he gets an email with password and verification codes. But the email is in simple plain text. But we can easily configure a lambda function that can customize and beautify this email according to our needs. To configure the lambda, first, we have to understand the...

Rebuild Elasticsearch index without downtime

Elasticsearch allows us to add fast full-text searching and autocomplete features to our projects very easily. We can create an “index” in Elasticsearch and store the items we want to search as JSON documents into the index, to be able to run queries depending on different fields of the documents. Do we ever really need to rebuild an index? Yes. There are situations when this becomes unavoidable. For example, if we need to change any of the...