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[email protected], a different way to configure SPA client side routing (like ReactJS, Angular JS or Vue JS) with S3 and CloudFront

If you are reading this post, that means you already know about serverless, cloudfront and deploying front end using S3 static web hosting. In this article, I will be sharing a different approach to solve the 403 and 404 error, when a user tries to visit a page of your SPA using direct URL. The Problem In any SPA framework, the app itself is loaded when you load the home page (e.g. /, or /index.html). For example,...

Deploy a SPA in AWS with domain or sub-domain

Deploying Single Page Application (SPA) in Amazon Web Services (AWS) world is not that straight forward like the way SPA sounds. At Craftsmen we have been deploying SPAs in AWS cloud environment pretty frequently for our customers and thought that it’s worth sharing our practices with the world! Suppose you have a domain called and you want to serve a SPA (built in React, Angular, VueJS etc) web app from AWS cloud environment. Then at a first glance you...