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Gzip internals: How to implement gzip (de)compression

Introduction Gzip (typically files with .gz extension) is a file format that contains compressed data blocks. It is used in web protocol such as http to compress data being communicated which saves bandwidth, for example, compressing the message body (webpage) of an http response. The interesting thing about gzip is that gzip decompression can be implemented as a streaming algorithm which makes it a good candidate for compression in web protocols. For example, if you go...

FastAPI: Build REST API in 5 minutes

Maybe we know FastAPI is a web framework of python. The meaning of its name expresses what is more special about this framework than others. The very new features of python async and await are here. The API is really fast like nodeJS and Go (They claimed). The more interesting thing is the implementation time of the REST API. The first endpoint will take at most five minutes to implement including the API docs. What I...