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Tips and hacks

Threads; read-it

You might have heard from your senior developers the following Use threads for I/O stuff, it will be fasterSome seasoned dev that you love And yes they are absolutely right and you might have heard the following as well Nodejs is a single threaded, non blocking event driven, I/O optimised javascript runtimeSomeone from the internet Or something like this about Python GIL in python makes threads very inefficient Fact And you're like This article will dump everything that we know about threads...

Python-ing it better

Where I work; we are obsessed with python, we use it everyday and to us python is an art. Python does not force rules unto you. But there’s always a better way of doing it; to us, a pythonic way. This article will try to show off some cool tricks and good practices in python that you can use to level up in the art of python. Using built in functions  Most of us start our coding...

Craftsmen sailing with terraform

Terra-forming Medialive Resources

We’ve all been there. Learning to use terraform, writing beautiful code to manage our cloud infrastructure; it’s all sunshine and rainbows. Until you realize you work with video and need to use Medialive resources. Now sure, you can create these resources from the aws console like a nomad and pass in the arn to make your CD pipeline do what it needs to do but unfortunately we are not nomads. We are engineers and hackers...

Working with the distributed team

Distributed team has now become a normal working process for many reasons. People are adapting it day by day and the corona pandemic act as a booster for this adaptation. The transformation was not easy for everyone. Many people lose their job only because they failed to adapt to new work cultures and processes. This adaption not only affect employee it’s also affected many organizations because of good management and working environment setup with correct technology...