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Threads; read-it

You might have heard from your senior developers the following Use threads for I/O stuff, it will be fasterSome seasoned dev that you love And yes they are absolutely right and you might have heard the following as well Nodejs is a single threaded, non blocking event driven, I/O optimised javascript runtimeSomeone from the internet Or something like this about Python GIL in python makes threads very inefficient Fact And you're like This article will dump everything that we know about threads...

Setting Up a NodeJs/TypeScript CI/CD Pipeline for AWS Lambda Using GitHub Action and Serverless

Introduction When working with an AWS Lambda project, it’s common to change your code locally, and then upload it on AWS daily or at least a weekly basis. It’s very much true for projects that are medium or large and where new features and bugfixes are constantly being added. A CI/CD pipeline can help a lot in these cases, as the developers don’t have to push the code on AWS manually and don’t have to worry about stuff...

Connecting with Kaltura from NodeJs using Kaltura TypeScript Client

Introduction Recently when I was working on a project, I found myself looking for a better way to upload a video on Kaltura from a NodeJs project. Of course, there is a Kaltura npm library that can be used to upload videos and do other things on Kaltura, but it didn’t work out for us, so we switched to Kaltura TypeScript client. Motivation Our main objective was to be able to create a media entry on Kaltura and upload a video on that...

Building a cross-platform background service in Node.js

We are living in an era where you can use JavaScript to write almost any part of an application: whether it is the UI that runs in the browser or mobile, or the service/lambda that does the heavy lifting in the cloud, or even beautiful desktop applications like Slack and Visual Studio Code. In this article, we will discuss how we can build a background service in Node.js that can run across Windows, Linux and macOS. What...