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Streaming with AWS Media Services

Have you ever been curious about the inner workings of video streaming and how you can leverage AWS media services to create one. A stream of your own? Lets create a video stream from a local machine to understand the process and how to use AWS Media Services for video streaming. This article will explain how to create a video stream using AWS Media services. Tools we will be using: FFmpeg, AWS MediaConnect, AWS MediaLive, AWS S3 What we need: A machine to...

FFmpeg – Basic Filter Graphs

FFmpeg is considered the Swiss Army knife of video transcoding/streaming. Let’s start with some very basic examples today of what we can do with FFmpeg. Format conversion ffmpeg -y -i input.mkv output.mp4 In this simplest example, FFmpeg produces MP4 output from MKV input. -y denotes that we want to overwrite output.mp4 if it already exists. -i marks the input. In addition to these two, FFmpeg supports many other popular multimedia file formats, including MXF, AVI, WAV, M4A, JPG, PNG etc. Codec conversion ffmpeg -y -i...