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Author: Mahmood Al Rayhan

AWS Lambda Function in GoLang

AWS Lambda is a well known and great cloud Function as a Service (FaaS). And Google’s GoLang is a statically typed, compiled programming language. It is widely popular for it is being super fast and it’s built-in concurrency. In this blog post, we will discuss how we can use GoLang in the AWS Lambda function. In this demonstration, I’m using Go1.15. Following things are assumed: You know how to setup GoLang for development in Unix systemsYou are familiar with AWS Lambda As Go is a compiled language, we cannot use the...

SQLAlchemy and The Unit of Work Pattern

SQLAlchemy is a very powerful and easy to use ORM written in Python. It really helps to develop applications faster. This blog post is about how we can use Unit of Work pattern when using SQLAlchemy ORM (an ORM written in Python for Relational Databases). This blog post assumes that you are already familiar with SQLAlchemy, know how to setup and connect to database and know how to play with basic operations using SQLAlchemy. Traditional way to...