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Author: Md. Nahidur Rahman

Some Cool New Features of Python 3.9

Python 3.9 is released on 5th October 2020 and is now available. It comes with some of the great features and lots of improvements. In this article, we will explore some of its cool features. To know more about what is coming with Python 3.9 visit this page. And if you wish to see the full changelog then go here. Dictionary Merge & Update Operators Two new operator Merge (|) and Update (|=) are added to the built-in class dict.Merge (|) creates a new dictionary...

Invoke AWS Lambda from AWS Step Functions with Terraform

Terraform Terraform is an open-source infrastructure as a code software tool. It allows building, changing, and versioning the infrastructure. Terraform uses a declarative approach to define the infrastructure. Users will define the end infrastructure that they want and terraform will do the rest of the thing to have that infrastructure. Terraform allows its users to define and describe the infrastructure using a declarative configuration language known as HCL or HashiCorp Configuration Language. When the end infrastructure is defined terraform...

From CSV to Google Sheet Using Python

Recently I have written a Python script for my Manager. The purpose the script was to read some JSON data, apply some business rules on them, generate a CSV(Comma Separated Value) file and upload it in a Google Spread Sheet. The sheet helped my manager to get insight of the JSON data so that he can take action based on it. The JSON data and business rules of the script are very specific for my manager....

Structure Your Project with Flask Blueprint

Flask is a lightweight WSGI web application framework based on Python. It is designed in such a way that it will only supply the core components of a web application and it lets the developer choose rest of the things. It leaves all the design and architecture level decisions to the developer. As a result it is very easy to get started start with Flask. But day by day when the application gets bigger and more...