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Author: Abul Hasnat

Create React App To Vite

Migrating your Create React App project to Vite

In one of my previous articles, I have discussed why Vite is faster and how you can start a new project with Vite. Today I will be focusing on how you can migrate your existing react project created with create-react-app. If you already have an existing react project, then it is a bit complicated process to move to Vite. Don't get confused with the steps necessary. I will try my best to describe the steps one by...

Webpack to Vite

Vite might be your next front end bundler

Imagine you have an existing react project that contains a lot of external modules and also your own custom module. When you start your dev server, you run npm start or yarn start and then what do you do? You wait for the dev server to start. This waiting time depends on how big your project is and how many external modules you have imported in your project. As we start to add more and...

Customizing Cognito verification emails with HTML using AWS Lambda

This has become very common to use AWS Cognito as an authentication system in modern days. Using Cognito, when a user signs up or gets an invitation from another user, he gets an email with password and verification codes. But the email is in simple plain text. But we can easily configure a lambda function that can customize and beautify this email according to our needs. To configure the lambda, first, we have to understand the...

Demystifying cron job through AWS lambda in Serverless

Some services like video upload to social media like Facebook, YouTube, etc via API need some time to process the request as it takes time to finish the processing of a video by Facebook or YouTube. At Craftsmen, for one of our customers we have a service API where users can send us requests with a video URL, and in which social media platform the video should be uploaded, our API will upload the video to...

Lambda@Edge, a different way to configure SPA client side routing (like ReactJS, Angular JS or Vue JS) with S3 and CloudFront

If you are reading this post, that means you already know about serverless, cloudfront and deploying front end using S3 static web hosting. In this article, I will be sharing a different approach to solve the 403 and 404 error, when a user tries to visit a page of your SPA using direct URL. The Problem In any SPA framework, the app itself is loaded when you load the home page (e.g. /, or /index.html). For example,...