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Author: Mahmudul Haque Azad

Using AWS Services from different regions using Serverless Architecture

AWS comes with a bunch of cool services and most of the time not all the services are available in all the regions. At Craftsmen, while providing premium R&D services to our customers across the globe we encountered situations like this where our customers want to have services in certain regions where not all the services are available but they would like to use those services. In this article, I shall discuss the solutions with appropriate...

Detecting Faces from Videos using Rekognition in Serverless Architecture

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Services, it's now pretty easy to achieve things we used to hear as fairy tales or as science fiction in childhood. In a just matter of 10 years, we have seen servers shifting their places from delicate server rooms to clouds and now things are getting popular around serverless architecture. The software engineers of my company Craftsmen always work with bleeding-edge technologies like this. In this article, I am going to...